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Electro Scan Inc. Signs Long-Term Agreement to Integrate Machine-Intelligent Data With Hansen Analytics Cloud Platform

Electro Scan machine-intelligent pipe condition assessment data.

Integration with Hansen Analytics To Automatically Sync and Compare FELL Inspection Data With CCTV, Acoustic, Laser, and Smoke & Dye Testing Data

Utilities are collecting information about their infrastructure at an exponential rate, without a way to identify important trends or summarize key results.”
— Chuck Hansen, Chairman, Hansen Analytics LLC

SACRAMENTO, CA, USA, July 16, 2019 / -- Today Electro Scan Inc. announced that it has signed a long-term agreement with Hansen Analytics LLC to provide business intelligence and decision support services to municipal and investor-owned utilities.

Electro Scan's machine-intelligent Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) inspection technology is unique in its ability to automatically locate and quantify with great precision the sources of infiltration, and to certify Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) for watertightness in conformance with the ASTM F2250 Standard.

Given that Electro Scan’s machine-intelligent pipe evaluation data obtained from FELL inspection does not require manual coding or third-party data interpretation, the use of Hansen Analytics' cloud platform now helps utilities pinpoint data quality problems found in legacy manually collected information, including data errors, missing values, and operator bias.

The new agreement allows Hansen Analytics to store and access all FELL data online and compare it to traditional data collected by utilities, including Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV), to improve data quality and subsequently decision support frameworks for prioritizing capital spending.

Hansen Analytic LLC is also available to conduct independent audits of your agency's CCTV inspection data, including performance metrics and consistency of defect identification, in addition to adopting CCTV Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to streamline reporting.

"Utilities are collecting information about their infrastructure at an exponential rate, without a way to identify important trends or summarize key results,” states Chuck Hansen, Chairman, Hansen Analytics LLC and former Founder and Chairman of Hansen Information Technologies, sold to Infor Global in 2007.

“The need to aggregate and then transform raw data, found in a variety of different formats and unconnected silos, also needs 'self-service kiosk-style' executive dashboards to visualize and understand their results,” states Hansen.

"We see Hansen Analytics providing a core set of capital technologies that helps organizations identify key operating trends, monitor quality assurance programs, improve business performance metrics, and anticipate future outcomes," states Carissa Boudwin, VP Marketing, Electro Scan Inc.

"By looking for hidden patterns in data that can be used to correctly assess the condition of infrastructure and rehabilitation selection, Hansen Analytics will allow municipal and investor-owned utilities to improve their decision-making process, and to do more with limited capital resources" states Boudwin.

Making fact-based decisions is no longer about the amount of data, but how accurately organizations can discover key insights from their available data to drive better decisions across the enterprise.

Data mining, machine learning, predictive analytics, and decision management, are essential to identifying key factors to improve performance.

For example, trenchless rehabilitation, when used correctly, offers utilities tremendous value. Repairing and renewing our infrastructure without digging up streets and neighborhoods is faster, cheaper, and less disruptive, while directly benefitting ratepayers.

But since legacy inspection technologies are not able to confirm whether full-length Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) liners are watertight or structurally sound, new machine-intelligent technologies, like Electro Scan’s FELL inspection, have been needed to independently assess CIPP quality immediately following installation to ensure that ratepayers receive a completed project that meets contract requirements.

“Contractors need to stop thinking about FELL technology as the stick, and instead start looking at it as the carrot, an opportunity to prove the quality of their workmanship and liner water tightness” states Mike App, Vice President, Electro Scan Inc.

“Using data analytics to automatically find defects in CIPP in real time, and grade their severity, will become even more efficient as AI is added to the CCTV inspection process to access individual frames of CCTV video and document a contractor's specific issues,” states App.

"There is no pre-defined handshake between people in the field and people in the office, so the job of Hansen Analytics is to bring these two worlds together," states Hansen.

Electro Scan’s unbiased and unambiguous FELL data reporting is able to expand on visual record keeping systems to automatically differentiate between superficial cracks and cracks that leak.

While camera-based systems may be able to identify offset joints, FELL technology is able to locate and quantify expected infiltration rates in conventional terms like Gallons per Minute or Liters per Second.

In addition to evaluating the usefulness and reliability of CCTV data, Hansen Analytics captures and analyzes acoustic testing, smoke testing, dye flood testing, laser, and sonar data.

Organizations typically have a general idea what must be accomplished, such as reducing infiltration rates, but generally don’t know areas that should be prioritized for rehabilitation.

Pursuing a ‘trial and error’ approach is often costly and wasteful, especially in repairing infrastructure not necessarily causing the problem. Hansen Analytics will support decisions that maximize capital spending programs.

Founded in 2006, Hansen is dedicated to aggregating municipal and investor-owned utility data to streamline decision support. Founding Hansen Software in 1983 (later called Hansen Information Technologies), principals of Hansen Analytics are pioneers in municipal asset data science and utility management helping thousands of cities and utilities decipher and interpret operational, financial, and capital efficiencies. Utilizing an Amazon Web Services global platform, Hansen Analytics uses Python, HTML5, and Tableau to support is clients.

Founded in 2011, the company designs, develops, markets, and supports technology services for pipeline condition assessment, environmental compliance monitoring, and independent rehabilitation effectiveness. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, the company sells and licenses equipment to local governments and utilities to conduct their own pipeline testing and offers a Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution in partnership with authorized contractors.


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Frame-by-Frame Assessment of CIPP With Defective Liner & Lateral Connections

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