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Climate World Moscow

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 02-Mar-18
Location: Moscow / Russia
The exhibition is held every year in early March, and puts together all national and international experts as well as opinion - leaders of the HVAC & R Industry. It has become the shortest way of entering the domestic market. MAJOR EXHIBITORS Haier, LG Electronics, Mitsubishi, Cabero, Samsung, Belaya Gvardiya, Blagovest-S+, Briz–KlimaticheskiyeSistemy, GK AYAK, Daichi, RM Vent, Rusklimat, CIAT, Clivet, EBM-PAPST, REMAK, Gree, Siemens, Korf, Lindab, Spiro, Geoklima, Ostrov, Guentner, Ziehl-Abegg, Industrial Refrigeration Systems, Friterm, Kvadrotekh-Logistik, Kholodon, GKF armina, Markon-Kholod, Karyer, OMNIA and other well-known brands.

World Exchange Congress 2018

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 28-Feb-18
Location: Muscat / Oman
The Muscat Securities Market is proud to be the Host of the 2018 World Exchange Congress. The event is unofficially the biggest annual meeting for CEOs and senior executives of the world’s trading venues. Each year, at a different location around the world we are joined by around 300 C-level and executive representatives from Stock, FX, Futures, Commodity and Energy Exchanges as well as Clearing Houses, Investment Banks and Regulators. For the last 12 years the event has visited London, Madrid, Monaco, Istanbul, Barcelona, Doha, Dubai and most recently Budapest in 2017. For 2018, the event will be coming to Muscat, Oman. The World Exchange Congress is unique in its ability to attract C-level representation from all different sizes of exchanges around the world, from tier one to frontier....

Nuclear Receptors Conference, Fusion Conferences, Cancun Mexico, 2018

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 02-Mar-18
Location: Mexico
Nuclear Receptors are, physiologically and pharmacologically, a critical superfamily of transcription factors. They drive key processes at every stage from development and reproduction to ageing and cancer. They are critical determinants of everyday health via their roles in metabolism and circadian rhythms. Nuclear receptors allow external factors to influence cellular pathways and the fact that many bind and are activated by small molecules means they represent highly druggable targets; currently, 13% of FDA-approved drugs target nuclear receptors. This meeting will address the new roles and novel crosstalk mechanisms that are emerging for many of the 48 human nuclear receptors, in health and disease. Key Sessions include: Further emerging roles for nuclear receptors in cancer ...

LEAP HR: Retail Conference, Nashville 2018

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 01-Mar-18
Location: United States
Join over 100 people leaders in retail to find out: ■ How the most admired and agile retailers are reshaping their people strategy to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving omni-channel world ■ What new HR initiatives are helping retailers build a more robust culture and drive higher engagement in this customer-centric, traditionally small margin industry ■ And how both growing and changing retailers are successfully managing the re-shaping of their business to prepare for the retail challenges and opportunities of the future With new speakers, fresh case studies, and a pre-conference ‘Boot Camp’ day dedicated to exploring what the next-generation retail workforce really looks like, LEAP HR: Retail 2018 remains the unique opportunity for senior people leaders in this industry to ...

Refining Regulation to Strengthen Compliance

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 28-Feb-18
Location: Canberra / Australia
Data offers great possibilities to regulators. It can help prevent and detect non-compliance, define where future resources should be focused and ultimately shape future regulatory strategy. The right regulatory approach, influenced by sophisticated analysis, as well as a deep understanding of the motivations of stakeholders, can achieve great outcomes and significantly strengthen compliance operations. Attend the Refining Regulation to Strength Compliance conference to learn how to: - Harness big data and realise its possibilities - Build intelligence capabilities by understanding and analysing data better - Develop regulatory frameworks that promote compliance - Implement innovative compliance & enforcement practices - Prevent and minimise non-compliance with the right ...

Delivering Quality in the NDIS

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 28-Feb-18
Location: Sydney / Australia
Surviving and thriving in the NDIS is intrinsically linked with the ability to understand and deliver quality to the consumer. With the early 2018 establishment of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission drawing attention to the policy side, successful organizations are proactively and critically looking further into their understanding, measurement and delivery of quality. The Delivering Quality in the NDIS Conference will address the following tough questions: - What does quality actually look like to the consumer? - How do we measure the impact of what we are delivering? - Do we understand the true unit cost of delivering quality - are our models financially sustainable? - How do we develop a model to focus on our strengths? - Can we differentiate the quality of our services ...

Property Portal Watch Bangkok 2018 Conference

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 01-Mar-18
Location: Bangkok / Thailand
The Property Portal Watch Bangkok 2018 (28 February – 1 March) conference is Property Portal Watch’s 22nd event. The conference is hosted by our founder Simon Baker, former CEO of the REA Group, Chairman of the Mitula Group, Real Estate Investar and serial digital investor. This is the preeminent Asian event where property portal Internet CEOs, executives and investors gain deep insights into the latest concepts, network with senior executives and establish new business relationships. Top Property Portals from around the globe will be in attendance… this in itself should be enough of a reason to come along. It’s because of these industry superstars that a PPW conference is a preeminent event to be a part of. A PPW conference provides its attendees with a priceless key introduction to ...

Выставка зарубежных магистерских программ в Москве

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 27-Feb-18
Location: Moscow / Russia
Также это незабываемый международный опыт, новые друзья, бизнес-контакты по всему миру и успешная карьера не только в России, но и за рубежом.  Если вам нужна помощь в выборе программы и страны обучения, вы хотите узнать больше о стипендиях или процессе поступления, ждем вас на выставке QS World Grad School Tour, где будут представлены более 1000 зарубежных Master’s и PhD программ. Посетив мероприятие, вы сможете: - встретиться с представителями лучших университетов и бизнес-школ со всего мира; - принять участие в конкурсе стипендий, представленных на ресурсах QS. Общий стипендиальный фонд - $7 млн. В программе мероприятия: - Семинары и презентации топ университетов Европы, Азии и США; - Информация о стипендиях и грантах от программы Глобальное образование; - Гид по карьере и обучен...

BREXIT - Managing Uncertainty and the Impact on your Business, London 2018

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 27-Feb-18
Location: London / United Kingdom
Brexit – Managing uncertainty and the Impact on your business What are the implications of Brexit for the UK business sector? How will Brexit affect your company? Are you fully aware of the risks and the opportunities? Is your organisation prepared for all eventualities? Do you have a plan in place to help deal with and mitigate the risks? Brexit is the most important political decision in a generation. Businesses within the UK are going through a period of prolonged uncertainty and there is a lot at stake. It matters to know what the potential impacts are regarding the economy and the business sector and more importantly, what you can do to mitigate and manage the impact and risks to your business. Attending our seminar will not only provide you with in-depth and fully up to date ...