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Echocardiographic Symposium at Vail

Date: 22-Jul-19 to 25-Jul-19
Location: Vail / United States
This symposium is a comprehensive review of state-of-the-art echocardiography, cardiac CT, and MRI for a wide variety of cardiovascular disorders. We will emphasize new technologies and how to use imaging information for the care of your patients. Integration of Echo, CT, and MRI and their incremental value in clinical cardiology will be highlighted. An additional focus will be on the role of 2-D and 3-D echocardiography in guiding interventional therapies. Unique to this course is live scanning of patients with various CV disorders. This session will emphasize the importance of comprehensive echocardiographic acquisition and management decision based on echocardiographic data. Course Highlights: • Imaging in echo, cardiac CT and • Strain • Congenital heart • 3-D ...

Microbiome Movement - Oncology Response Summit

Date: 22-Jul-19 to 24-Jul-19
Location: Boston / United States
The inaugural Microbiome Movement – Oncology Response Summit has been established to improve your understanding on how to translate microbiome-oncology research from discovery settings and from retrospective clinical investigations into the routine oncology practice. This first-of-its-kind event is your opportunity to learn from the expertise of key opinion leaders from pre-clinical, translational and clinical scientists from large pharma, biotech and academia presenting the latest case studies and in-depth discussion on key topics including: - Discover the mechanistic pathways underpinning the causality of the microbiome in cancer and consequential effects of cancer therapeutics on microbial - Understand how –omics data are being integrating to inform cancer clinical decision ...

Computer Science Literacy and Integration, Seattle

Date: 22-Jul-19 to 23-Jul-19
Location: Seattle / United States
This two-day institute is designed to engage professionals from education with computer science, and how a computer science initiative can be implemented in their schools and classrooms. Participants will learn more about the intricacies of how the internet works, web design, algorithms and how games and apps are designed. Attendees will obtain the skills and techniques they need to bring a computer science-focused approach to their learning environment, and the tools necessary to ensuring students engage with computer science. Key Content: Understand how computers communicate and how we communicate with computers via Use cutting-edge hardware and Connect computer science topics to the big picture, from bits to big Experiment with unplugged, hands-on activities for ...

Exploring STEM Through Problem-Based Learning, Missoula

Date: 22-Jul-19 to 26-Jul-19
Location: United States
Attendees will learn how to facilitate student learning through authentic real-world problem-solving that aligns with standardized requirements in school. Participants develop a strong understanding of the problem-based learning (PBL) model, and how to partner with industry leaders in their community so they can bring authentic learning experiences to their classrooms and schools. Through the PBL model, participants will build positive entrepreneurial identities and foster a growth mindset in their students, teaching them the importance of risk-taking, resilience, collaboration and stewardship. Key Content: Deep understanding of the PBL model and how to present students with real-world problem-solving Leverage community partners to improve student learning. Connect ...

Intro to Sexual Ecstasy: Tantra Workshop for Singles & Couples

Date: 22-Jul-19 to 22-Jul-19
Location: Seattle / United States
An Introductory Tantric Workshop for Singles and Couples with Guy & The human body is vast and deep, capable of unprecedented, exquisite, even transformative pleasure.  Yet so few of us get to scratch more than the surface of this unlimited potential.   Until now.   In this clothes-on workshop with Guy and Lauren, discover all the secrets you never learned in school:   - The G- - - Erotic - Ejaculatory - Energetic - Lovemaking for - Full Body & Multiple - The Science of And. You can ask our sexperts all your burning questions.  They have a tremendous well of training and experience! It’s 2019.  Not the stone age.  It’s time for deeply satisfying, soul-connecting sex.   Come gain the knowledge and tools ...

Stop Smoking Seminar

Date: 23-Jul-19 to 23-Jul-19
Sick and tired of being controlled by cigarettes and smoking? Tried everything, with no long-term success? Ready to take back control of your health, happiness and quality of life? New York's renowned Hypnotist Jason Kropidlowski is bringing his acclaimed Stop Smoking Seminar to Jacksonville Florida for 3-seminars, each designed to assist smokers to kick the habit once and for all. With a success rate of approximately 90%, this program has helped thousands of smokers take back control easily. The two hour seminar will be held on: July 23rd at 7pm. , July 24th at 10am., And July 25th at 7pm. All three seminars will sell out! Seating is limited and advance registration is required to reserve your seat. For more details and to register, visit:

61st London International Youth Science Forum

Date: 24-Jul-19 to 07-Aug-19
Location: London / United Kingdom
61st LONDON INTERNATIONAL YOUTH SCIENCE FORUM (LIYSF) The annual London International Youth Science Forum (LIYSF) is a two-week residential course hosted at the renowned research university Imperial College London. Our aim is to unite outstanding talent from all nations and provide a deeper insight into science and its applications for the benefit of all mankind. Speakers already confirmed include prestigious scientists, including Noel Prize winner, Sir Venki Ramakrishnan, Professor Jim Al-Khalili, Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Sir Nigel Shadbolt. The forum attracts 500 of the globe’s leading young scientists, aged from 16-21 and visiting from over 65 countries. Along with an active social calendar and a focus on cultural education and forming lasting friendships, the program includes ...

Asia-Pacific conference on Dermatology and Cosmetology

Date: 24-Jul-19 to 25-Jul-19
Location: Melbourne / Australia
Dermatology Meetings 2019 invites delegates and participants from across all continents to attend the conference on Dermatology which comprises prominent Keynote talks, Oral presentations, Poster presentations and Exhibitions pertinent to the domains of Dermatology and Cosmetology.

Think Differently: A Crash Course in Creativity and Innovation, San Diego

Date: 24-Jul-19 to 25-Jul-19
Location: San Diego / United States
Attendees in this course will learn to measure the impact of creativity in the classroom and how to effectively design for, and implement, change through innovation. Participants will define purpose, experiment, collaborate, empower and refine as a means to find their creative culture, while using inspiration from world-class marketing firms and their strategies. There will be meaningful discourse in lesson planning and curriculum building, while considering individual learning styles. Attendees will obtain the fundamental pieces they need to not only be creative problem-solvers, but creative thinkers. Key Content: Learn how to create a culture of creativity centered on innovative thinking. Understand how to foster and redefine metrics and incentives within the classroom. Co-construct ...